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help me please (find my father)

Posted by lisa daivs <> on Sat, 30 Apr 2005, in response to I have never seen my father and I need to know who is before I graduate from high school help me fin, posted by Nathifa Aisha Ferduson on Sat, 12 Mar 2005

i have been looking for my father for 2and a half years. i reaily want to find my father befor i get done with high school and that is in 26 more days my mother left my father after i was born and i have never seen my father i just hope he is still a live and doing fine i have always got told that my father lives in michigan so i have been looking for him there. i have no money so i have to search for him with no money sites and that is hard but i not going to give up till i find him plz if someone is out there that konws how i can find my father or knows my father i am asking please help me find him if you would like you can email me at my fathers name is rick roy davis but some times he goes by richard roy davis

please help! thanks


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